Book is launched – download it for free

The eBook is officially launched today Monday 23rd April 2012. You can read it for free or download here in most eBook formats. To do this, you need to join this website to be able to access that page (terms/privacy). You can then also post your comments on the site.

It will be appearing over the coming weeks in all the main eBook stores, but beware it is possible they may charge for it.

Listen to the author talking about the book below.

2 comments on “Book is launched – download it for free”

  1. thejollyprophet

    Brilliant Pete! I look forward to reading the book this evening.

    It is true that many of the investment funds are not worth their salt, especially when a monkey can beat them.

    However, get a monkey who does his homework, and you’d get something along the lines of my blog –

    The investment industry needs to change and I would like to be at the forefront of that.

    Keep up the good work!

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