Book read by 5000+ people

A reporter asked me yesterday how many people had read Monkey with a Pin now. The answer I gave him was that I just did not know for sure but I knew it was probably over 5000, as that was the number of unique visitors I’d had to this website – see screenshot below.

The reason I don’t know for sure, is that this figure excludes a number of other potential readers:

  • People finding the book listed in the top finance books at Smashwords and downloading it directly there.
  • People Googling and going direct to either Google Books to read/download or Amazon.
  • The number of people who have forwarded the book to friends. In my reader survey, 90% reckon they will tell friends to read it and most at least two people.
Having said that, I know that number of people who visit the site never get beyond the home page, so although they may have listened to the video, they have not read/downloaded the book itself. Therefore, all in all, the total readership is a number no one will ever know!