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  1. Ronald Fisch

    I have not read this book, but it seems to me that Pete Comley is telling us
    the same thing that John Bogle has been telling us for 40 years. Since
    people in the UK can’t invest in Vanguard funds, maybe a lot of them are
    not familar with John Bogle and Vanguard.

  2. Pete Comley (Chief Monkey)

    Thanks for the comment. In the preface to the book I do make a specific point in saying that I went out of my way not to read previous books on finance in order not to be influenced by existing stereotypes of investing. I wanted to approach the subject afresh with a blank sheet of paper and look at the real evidence.
    It is interesting therefore that it appears to mirror that of some histories great thinkers on the subject such as John Bogle.
    Thanks for your comments. Enjoy the book.

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