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Publication date:
w/c 23 April 2012

Key points of book:

  • For the first time, this book exposes exactly how most private investors perform in real life.
  • It shows they are likely to perform 6% a year worse than the industry’s theoretical predictions of their returns (whether using funds or direct investing).
  • The book reveals that many have earned less than if they had saved in a building society.
  • Part I of the book looks in detail at reasons why investors underperform: poor skill, charges and survivorship bias.
  • The second part turns to the implications for the private investor, the finance industry and regulators.
  • Monkey with a Pin encourages private investors to review their investing style and strategy to help them achieve better returns.

The primary audience is UK private investors and specifically those who have been investing for a while and are reviewing their strategies. The secondary target is the finance industry and those that influence and regulate it.

Availability and pricing:
Only available in electronic format from: Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Apple iBooks and other ebook retailers. Pricing free (or minimum price for etailer).

It will also be available free to download from

Author in mask

About the author:
Pete Comley is a private investor. He has a Psychology degree and is a market researcher. He is well known in that industry as an innovator. He founded the first UK online market research agency in 1998. Pete now works part time and splits his time between writing, speaking engagements and helping run the local allotment association.

More information:
This book is self published. For more information, contact the author or email pete dot comley at monkeywithapin dot com.