Inflation Matters: Book Review

The Economics Research Council published a detailed review of Inflation Matters book in their quarterly B&O Journal (Spring 2015, Vol 45, No 1.)

This easily readable book (it is mercifully free from equations, jargon and excessive references) serves two purposes. The first is to describe and explain the concepts involved and the implications of inflation at various levels. It answers the textbook need for a clear and straightforward grasp of the subject. The second purpose is to derive a very long term pattern of cycles which, being likely to continue into the future, may assist in prediction and thus in making investment decisions. If a book is to enable one to assemble a body of knowledge constructively and systematically and if one hopes in the process to be stimulated into new thoughts, then “Inflation Matters” is not only well worth reading but a book that amply justifies its title. 

You can download the full review here or read it at the ERC’s website here.