More evidence of the smartness of Monkeys

A big thank you to Andy Bowden who tipped me off about another experiment showing the prowess of chimps and random stock picking. Although just a one-off test unlike the Wall Street Journal experiment I quote in the book, it is interesting.

In 1993, Expressen a Swedish newspaper actually trained a real chimp called Ola to throw darts into the newspaper and over a period of one month followed his prowess as a trader and compared it with a bunch of experts. As ever, you can guess who won.

The sad thing to note, is that it looks like Ola then got his P45 and there now appears to been a campaign to free Ola from the small cage where is he now abandoned in Bangkok. Maybe it should have been the experts traders who lost, who were put into the cage?

In Googling this, I also found another earlier experiment reported in the Daily Mail back in 2002. The then 4 year old Tia Roberts selected her shares by putting all the names in a bucket and throwing them into the air to pick the winners. Again, needless to say, in the competition versus a seasoned investor and an financial astrologer, she was the only to show a profit after a week.

Both will be in V2 of my book. If you know any other examples, please let me have them.