Pete Comley

Pete Comley and Inflation Matters book

Pete Comley and Inflation Matters book

Pete’s first book, Monkey with a Pin, was published in 2012. It exposed how most private investors’ returns are much worse in real life than the theoretical returns promoted by the finance industry. It went viral and was downloaded by over 10,000 people. His second book, Inflation Tax: The Plan To Deal With The Debts was published in 2013.

You might describe Pete as an author with an inquiring mind. He is not one to blindly accept the orthodoxy and conventional wisdom. Instead, he forms his opinions by painstakingly re-evaluating the facts – and by joining the dots sometimes coming to different conclusions.

He has a degree in psychology and has worked for most of his career in market research. He’s well known within the industry as a conference speaker and also an innovator. He was the first person to run commercial online surveys in the UK in the mid-1990s. He founded the first UK online market research agency in 1998. The company is now called Join the Dots and has its head office in Manchester.

Pete has now semi-retired and currently lives in Brighton. He is also in the process of walking the entire coast of England and Wales with his wife, Trish.