QUIZ: How much do you know about inflation?

How much do you know about inflation? Take our simple 20 question quiz.
You will find all the answers in the respective 20 chapters of the Inflation Matters book.

1. What is inflation?
2. Is inflation caused by increasing the money supply?
3. Who first proposed that population affected inflation?
4. What is the main effect of deflation?
5. Why was CPI invented in the UK?
6. What is the best estimate of UK inflation?
7. How long have prices been rising in the UK?
8. Who and what causes hyperinflation?
9. Who and what caused deflation in the 1930s?
10. How did governments pay off WW2 debts?
11. What was the primary cause of the 1970s inflation?
12. What most caused prices to decline in the late 1990s?
13. What has happened to prices in Japan since 1990?
14. How much do governments influence inflation?
15. What would be the key impact of a 4% inflation target?
16. Who gains and who loses with current inflation?
17. How could population affect 21st Century inflation?
18. What conditions are needed for future stable prices?
19. Who gains most from long-term stable prices?
20. Which is the best investing strategy for the next 50 years?

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